At MeanGreen of Ocala, we’ve done things differently since the early 2000’s. We are BOTH Landscape Experts here to know how and the muscle to create the outdoor oasis you want; Also we are Lawn Care experts here to maintain the beautiful lawn and landscape we have created together or to maintain the one you already have.


We’ve taken huge strides with natural and organic-based products to give our customers a greener, healthier lawn with fewer weeds. We treat lawns in a way that is friendly to people, pets, and to the environment, at a comparable cost to chemical-based lawn care service options, but with a better value.


The Key to a Greener, Healthier Lawn


Is it time for a “Checkup” on your lawn?

We begin our relationship with every new customer with a comprehensive soil test, in which you might consider this a “checkup” for your yard. No two lawns are alike, so it makes sense to start with a “healthy lawn checkup” to first identify what nutrients are present in, or missing from, your lawn’s soil. The goal is to build up a healthy soil, as it truly is the foundation upon which a healthy lawn exists.


A Solid, Sensible program for your lawn

We then create a customized process based upon the specific needs of your lawn. Our process includes:
• Using our proprietary, natural, organic-based fertilizers
• Promoting the deep root growth of grass to better absorb water and nutrients
• Replenishing depleted soils to help plants withstand disease and stress
• Targeting damaging pests and leaving beneficial insects unharmed


What is “true” organic?

In its strictest sense, any material containing carbon could be considered “organic”. Plastic, for example, could be considered “organic” by this definition and as such, we don’t refer to our fertilizers as organic, but rather as organic-based.


At MeanGreen of Ocala, we interpret “organic” the way organic farmers and gardeners do—as nitrogen fertilizer sources that are derived from something that was once living and therefore sustainable (such as plants or animals and their by-products). To view it any other way would be misleading to the public.


Fewer Weeds and Worry-free

Our full-time technicians undergo an ongoing training process so they understand how our products work, and how to apply them in the most effective manner. They are dressed professionally, and both happy and able to answer your questions.


Because your home also has only one first impression, we’re here to make it a good one. Call us to schedule a consultation 352-497-0005


Safety is at the Center of Our Service

A Holistic View of the Environment
Caring for your yard should not come at the expense of caring for your family, pets, and environment. Our approach to lawn care service means that your lawn is:
• Safer for Pets
• Safer for children
• Friendly to the environment


Your yard is an eco-system

It takes more than grass seed to have a healthy eco-system. Minerals, nutrients, plantlife, animals and insects all play a role in keeping things in the proper balance. Our holistic approach to your yard targets harmful pests without harming beneficial ones (what is called Integrated Pest Management, or IPM).


Respect for the World We Live In

Our commitment to a greener world extends well beyond your lawn. We are proud that we can send our technicians safely home to their families at the end of the day. Over a five-year study, the methods we use literally prevented more than 12.5 million pounds of high-salt fertilizers and 5 million gallons of harmful pesticides from entering into our water and soil,without sacrificing lawn quality.


Continual Commitment to Safety

Our approach is always safety-based first—even when it is not the “easy” fix. Spot treatments are used sparingly as a last resort and only as part of Integrated Pest Management programs. We are always researching and looking for ways to improve our methods and products, with full-time trained technicians and certified agronomists on staff.


Because your home also has only one first impression, we’re here to make it a good one. Call us to schedule a consultation 352-497-0005


A Backyard Retreat for Family & Friends

You open the door outside and take a deep breath. There’s a crisp, fresh scent that sparks a jolt of life into your nostrils.
This is what your yard should smell like.
You kick off your shoes, step into the yard. The sun warms your face and you let the grass settle between your toes. You take another deep breath, and you feel rejuvenated.
This is what your lawn should feel like.
You gaze out at a sea of lush, green grass. The blades flicker slightly in the cool breeze as they lightly tickle your bare feet.
This is what your lawn should look like.


A healthier, greener lawn can be a wonderful place to relax, whether you are spending time with family & friends, pets or children, or taking a little quiet time to read in the sunshine, your yard can be a place where you will create memories that can last you and your family a lifetime.


MeanGreen believes you should be able to enjoy your yard the way it was meant to be enjoyed.
• We’ll take care of the hard part for you, making your lawn greener, healthier and more weed-free.
• We’ll do it responsibly, so you can know your family, friends and pets are safer.
• We’ll use environmentally friendly methods, so your neighbors and community are happy.
Because your home also has only one first impression, we’re here to make it a good one. Call us to schedule a consultation 352-497-0005


We approach lawn care solutions the right way, and we think it shows. In fact, we know it shows—ask any one of our thousands of customers statewide.
At Mean Green of Ocala, we’re continuing to set the standard for safer, healthier, affordable lawn care—one lawn at a time.
Healthy lawns require less of your time
and money, so call us today at 352-497-0005 for
a free price quote.

The Affordable, Reliable Ocala Landscaping & Sod Team

MeanGreen Lawn & Sod provide Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective Landscaping, Sod & Irrigation Solutions for Residents and Commercial Businesses Here in Ocala